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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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My testing version of my program for Processing and Arduino to control the SSC-32 is WORKING!
I’ll post a video of it later, once I hook up some buttons, and “clean” up the code.

Sightseeing Around

I think I have been stuck in a bubble for a long time judging by how long it has taken me to post this- more pictures from my trip to Stanford :) It is mainly the Golden Gate Bridge and Capitola Beach. The Golden Gate Bridge is pretty amazing in real… I wonder how much paint it needs per year?! As for Capitola Beach, this was one of our outings for the first Saturday. It was okay, a bit of an ugly beach though. The weather was cold… water was cold… everything was very cold! 😛 The ice cream was good though. Oh yeah- I wrecked my camera at Capitola Beach because of the water and the sand. It was pretty sad. But I picked up a better camera at Best Buy, for a really cheap price, so it was pretty cool! 😀
There are also some pictures of De Anza drive and… APPLE! ^_^
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Little update-

Stanford awarded me $1500 scholarship to attend EPGY. 😀
Thanks so much to them!

They also pushed back the deadline till June 13th.

So I need to find $1200 before June 13th. I’m so close!! ^_^