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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Lately, I have been trying to come up with ideas that would allow me to do a similar ‘gig’ as last year- when I was accepted to the Stanford program to learn AI.

Some may remember, some may not — some might not even know. Last year I was accepted into the Stanford University Education Program for Gifted Youth under the Artificial Intelligence program. Of course, it wasn’t very affordable. I created these Styrofoam vibrobots called Styrobots. Thanks to numerous efforts of the robotics community as a whole, we raised enough money for me to attend.

This year, I’m going to WWDC and RoboGames. I didn’t apply to any academic programs – aka the CMU Summer Robotics Institute & NASA’s Robotics Academy because they require US Citizenship, or something of the like.

WWDC and RoboGames are both in SF, CA, and around the same time period!

The idea I came up with are RoboGlyphs! They are small laser-etched ‘glyphs’ that can connect with other glyphs. The first three that I will be releasing are the 3 Laws of Robotics.

Here are some photos:




They look absolutely stunning in person!

However, this is not all that I plan to do with the RoboGlyphs. I plan to somehow attach a LED so that it can illuminate the words, so they can be seen in the dark. :)

I’m hoping to release these on Etsy around the first week of May. Keep an eye out!

Festive Styrobotz

Custom Styrobots are really fun to make… and they cost the same price ($20). A friend wanted a yellow Styrobot, with green hair with a comb in it, two combs on the cup, and a poem. It was pretty fun to make! Despite the rotation of the pics being messed up… here are some pictures! 😀

Fuzzy Haired Styrobot Detailed Combs Poem on the Styrobot Entire Poem Took the path less travelled by…

The poem on the back is ‘The Road not Taken’ by Robert Frost. It’s a pretty good poem :) Here are morrrre pictures!

Comb Details Fuzzy Hair Uber Cute Poem again :) #033!!!! Hearts Comb Comb Happy

Great eh! There will be 3 NEW Styrobots appearing in my store very soon 😀 They’re all Hallowe’en themed.

Frankengoo Styrobot Frankengoo Styrobot RAWR! Frankengoo Styrobot Frankengoo Styrobot #036!!! Battygoo Battygoo Battygoo Battygoo Battygoo Battygoo Battygoo Battygoo Pumpkingoo Pumpkingoo Pumpkingoo Pumpkingoo

In my opinion, Battygoo is really cute ^_^ as are the other ones! Asside from that… MANOI is aliiiive! I’m currently in the middle of making a program to set its home position.

Top Servos MANOI SSC

So keep an eye out… the Styrobots will be poppin’ into the shop very soon =D

|Advanced Order| and |Thanks, MAKE!|

Thanks to MAKE for featuring my Styrobots. 😀 I really appreciate the encore! Encore encore encore! Yay!!

There is one Styrobot left – Spideygoo – in my Etsy store.

The next ones that I’ll be uploading (fruity themed!) will all be advanced order. Meaning, the switch, battery, and motor have not been installed yet, and they will only ship when I come back from the Stanford trip. :)

Also- I figured out a way to connect many Arduinos together without using a computer as a central hub. It will sort of be the speed of light minus processing time. Kind of like Fibre optics but a bit different. ;D I think it will work well! I’m going to be using this knowledge to make a super powered Wall-E robot with AI. =D