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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Changing/Putting in the Battery

Incase the Styrobot’s battery fell out when it was shipped, or if you already used it up, I came up with two pics here that illustrate where to put the battery. Basically there are three rows of pins, top, middle and bottom. The battery goes between the top pins and the middle pins. BUT the top pins have to be covered with tape or not touching the battery. The wire from the motor has to be touching the battery, too. Don’t worry about the polarity as it’s only a tiny DC motor… and it won’t matter much in a Styrobot. =D

Battery Illustration Battery Illustration

Hope this helps everyone!

Styrobots 4 & 5

Happy May Victoria Day weekend to everyone! It’s really cold compared to other years, so that’s a real bummer…


For $20 you could have your own personal sunshine with you, wherever you go! What’s it called? A STYROBOT! 😀

The next addition to the Styrobot family is called Yeuxgoo. I named it Yeuxgoo because I think Yeux means eyes in French. Since this Styrobot has large and really cute eyes, I found it quite fitting! You can buy it on Etsy by clicking here.

Here are some pictures of this cutie!

Styrobot #004 - Yeuxgoo Styrobot #004 - Yeuxgoo Styrobot #004 - Yeuxgoo Styrobot #004 - Yeuxgoo Styrobot #004 - Yeuxgoo Styrobot #004 - Yeuxgoo

Next up is the fifth Styrobot, named Beegigoo. I thought it would be fitting as I was thinking about the Beegees when I was trying to come up with a name for it. 😀 It is up on Etsy where you can buy it, check it out by clicking here.

Here’s some pics!

Styrobot #005 - Beegigoo Styrobot #005 - Beegigoo Styrobot #005 - Beegigoo Styrobot #005 - Beegigoo Styrobot #005 - Beegigoo Styrobot #005 - Beegigoo

And last, but not least, Styrobot #3 (the first one sold on Etsy) – Jigglygoo, has been adopted by David at uCHobby! Congratulations! Since he has donated and has been extremely nice in the past, I’ll be making a special uCHobby themed Styrobot for him. It’s bound to be really cool, HEHE. Friends that have donated or helped out, I’ll be contacting you asking what your favourite colours are and if you would like your Styrobot to have anything special on it. 😀

Styrobot #003 – Jigglygoo

The first Styrobot for sale has been posted on Etsy! 😀 Click here to see it!

The description of the Styrobot:

This Styrobot, named Jigglygoo, vibrates around in circles with the press of one of its antennae. With an irresistible smile, Jigglygoo is bound to cheer you up!

Jigglygoo runs on a small 3V watch battery, which is included!

All of the money raised with the sale of Styrobots will go towards my Robotic Fund. Normally, this fund is used to help me buy electronic parts and books, however I was accepted into the Stanford Education Program for Gifted Youth – Artificial Intelligence program. This really fun opportunity does come with a tuition cost of $3700, where all of the money will be going. Any additional donations would be extremely appreciated!

Hope you enjoy your Styrobot! 😀

And the big question is… How much does it cost?
$20 Each & $18 for shipping!

Here are 6 awesome pictures for you to enjoy:

Styrobot #003 - Jigglygoo Styrobot #003 - Jigglygoo Styrobot #003 - Jigglygoo Styrobot #003 - Jigglygoo Styrobot #003 - Jigglygoo Styrobot #003 - Jigglygoo

Don’t worry though! More Styrobots will be coming REALLY soon!

It was quite funny, actually. The 2nd Styrobot, Moop, did work … but the battery was ALWAYS being drained too quickly! The battery is connected in between the switch part, like a normal battery would be… but it happens that the switch didn’t work the way I thought it did, so I was always shorting it out! Eheheh! I fixed it though, in Jigglygoo.

Keep an eye out for more coming throughout the day, I just have to solder some stuff together, and another two will be done!