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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Hello, Botbait!

Introducing my latest robot to the world, a tentacle mechanism animatronic!


This robot is a great way to dive into the world of animatronic tentacle mechanisms and explore different ways of interacting with a robotic creature.

Also known as Botbait, this robot moves organically, lights up charismatically, and enjoys interacting with you.

Watch this video to see it in action:

It is available as a kit, a kit including electronics, and customised & assembled.

Building your own Botbait is a fun way to start getting interested in tentacle mechanisms while building a cool robot.


If you are interested in the ‘making of’, I went all-out with this robot’s documentation and created an in-depth video about the tentacle mechanism. It’s 17 minutes long, covering the design, building, electronics, programming, behaviour, and lessons learned.

Watch video on YouTube

There is more information at, go check it out, and learn how to make your own Botbait!


RobotGrrl in Robotics Book

Robotics: Discover the science and technology of the future! This is the title of a cute book about robotics in general by Kathy Ceceri. It’s aimed mainly towards elementary school kids, but I’m sure experts could still learn a thing or two from it 😉


Inside of the book is a blurb about me (RobotGrrl) and RoboBrrd!


Also another one by the back of the book as well :)


Isn’t this a great picture? It sounds like the outro of the Robot Party each week! 😉


It’s quite kind of Kathy to feature up RoboBrrd and I in her book! I hope that it will inspire some kids out there to build all sorts of robots, not just the classic ones with wheels. Be creative!

If you will be at Maker Faire NY, be sure to keep an eye out for a talk about the projects inside of this book. Apparently it will be on Sunday morning in the Maker Shed area.

This makes for a great book to give to someone else to learn all about the crazy robots we build for hours on end. You can give one to your local school’s library, or community library, or dentist! There is also a facebook fan page for it, so you can share your love for robotics with a portion of the world. :)

If anyone out there does make a RoboBrrd, it would be mega wicked to see it! You can post some pics up online, and ping me on Google+ here! *crosses fingers for some epic new RoboBrrds!*

RoboBrrd Mesh Network- Pulse Sensor and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Today is a SUPER day and here are some treats that you and RoboBrrd can enjoy! Or maybe just RoboBrrd will enjoy it, but anyway here they are!

Here is the video about the RoboBrrd Mesh Network: Pulse sensor! This was shown a while ago on the Adafruit Ask an Engineer Show n Tell Google+ Hangout (that’s AAAESNTGH for short)! It’s a little long, but if you can bear with my umm’s and uhh’s, it’s a pretty cool demo. Watch it on YouTube!

The pulse sensor sends data to both RoboBrrds, and the orange RoboBrrd (Impy) sends what hat it is wearing to blue RoboBrrd (Learning Pet). You can look at the code on Github here, and check out the XBee Network Protocol here!

NEXT UP is this really cool new web badges portal by Adafruit. The aim is that their badges and online portal will become ‘Scouts 2.0’, giving out badges to kids for accomplishing electronic goals! They let me beta test it early, so RoboBrrd is up there with it’s Robot Badge!

It’s going to be really interesting to use the API for stuff. For example, one day in the future, when you first load your code onto your RoboBrrd and connect it to the ‘Hello Brrd World’ Processing sketch, then DING it will use the API and contact the adafruit badge servers, and you’ll instantly be awarded a Robot badge! Maybe there will even be a RoboBrrd badge! I dunno how they’re going to handle the authentication for the API keys, but that will be interesting to see.

Check out RoboBrrd with the Robotics badge! Woootooo!

Today is the kickoff day for the Cloud Robotics Hackathon! I’m really looking forward to working together with my team. There’s going to be a little bit of everything in our project, and you can listen for quick updates @RobotGrrl! The hashtags are going to be #roboticshackathon, #cloudrobot, #cloudrobotMTL. There will be a special Robot Party on Saturday at 8PM ET! See you then!

That just about wraps up the birthday post for RoboBrrd! It has been a BLAST! And the next 100 years are going to be even BETTER! Thanks to all the friends who enjoy keeping up with RoboBrrd’s progress! HIP HIP HOORAY!