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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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RoboBrrd & Apps for Arduino at SecondConf!

SecondConf Splash

We’re going to SecondConf! SecondConf is a developers conference for iOS and Mac. It’s sort of like WWDC, but there will be less people there, more discussions, and lots of learning of course!

We were invited to give a talk last year, but thanks to a cold on the end of Maker Faire we had to post-pone it to this year. And we were actually invited back this year to give a talk! Sweet!

If you’re going to SecondConf, our talk is Sunday at 11:00AM!

You will not want to miss it, because it will be about robots and electronics and how to create a blended reality by combining it with software!

The talk is about 40 minutes long. During the talk we will discuss:

Apps for Arduino
– “If hardware is the heart of a project, then software is its soul”
– Matatino and Wijourno frameworks
– Why lack of feature creep is its best feature
– Community, open source
– And more!

– “Do-it-yourself educational robotic pet”
– Educational aspects
– Fun hardware
– And more!

The talk will also include some demos of how everything works and such!

From what I’ve heard, the talks will be recorded and archived, so it will be online in the future.


Check it out! Dr. Wave is also going to be there! Remember when RoboBrrd visited Pixar while we were at Evil Mad Science? It’s always really interesting to learn more about Pixar, movies, software, and just so many things.

Bob Kressin, who is the presenter right after me then lunch, is also doing a presentation on Bluetooth Low Energy. This will also be really cool, since we are going to work together to get RoboBrrd working with BLE on Friday! I’m totally psyched for this!

Mega thank you for SecondConf for the opportunity and accommodations! It’s going to be great. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hotkeys for Arduino!

Developed another ‘for Arduino’ Mac App! This one lets you use custom global hotkeys to control your Arduino. Let me tell ya, it is SUPER useful! 😛 You can learn more about Hotkeys for Arduino here!

As I was making it, I realized how easy it is to just be able to control actions on your Arduino. So I had RoboBrrd reacting to different shortcuts, so it could easily open/close its beak and flap its wings. 😀

Since this app is more ‘action based’ rather than ‘pin based’, I find it more open ended to be used in different projects!

Here’s a quick video of the app:

I really really really enjoyed making this app. It made me realize how cool Matatino is. Really, I spent 4 hours on getting the hotkeys working, then I drop in Matatino and POOF it works! How cool is that?!

It’s on sale right now for $0.99 on the Mac App Store! The small amount of money goes towards RoboBrrd and funding more development.

…have you ever wondered what ‘funding more development’ really means? I have, and I’m pretty sure the universal commonality between this is buying more junk food to keep us programmers happy. It probably changes from dev to dev though 😀

apps4arduino – Meters for Arduino on iOS, Introducing Wijourno!

Meters for Arduino is now available for iOS! You can get it on the App Store here: :)

It communicates with Meters for Arduino on Mac, which just had a 1.1 update. You can get it on the Mac App Store here: :)

View the demo video on YouTube

Meters for Arduino on iOS works with the magic of Wijourno. Wijourno lets you communicate with your iOS devices and your Mac.

It’s a lot of fun, since you can send messages to specific devices, or broadcast a message to all devices. I’m imagining things where (for robots) you could have the iPad displaying lots of diagnostics and such, the iPhone would be the controller, and the Mac would be the data logger and connection to the internet!

Check out the apps4arduino site for more information, including some details on how you can use Wijourno in your own Apps. :) Can’t wait to see what people are going to make with this!