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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Here is a flex circuit project that I was working on a few months ago over break. It’s a tree with 20 blue charlieplexed LEDs. Controlled by an ATtiny85. Check out the project video! (with a cheesy video intro)

The nickname for the project is Yggflexisil. It’s sort of like the tree from myths called Yggdrasil, but this one is flexi because it’s made out of flexible material.

The inspiration for this project came from Blinky Buildings, which is from the Building Open Source Hardware book by Alicia Gibb (a director of OSHWA)!

All of the documentation can be found on my new project wiki. It’s named Robo-Phoenix Laboratory because no matter how many times things will “go down in flames”, a new (robo) phoenix will arise. Quite poetic, and of course phoenixes are cool creatures. Source files are available on Github.

Thanks to my backers on Patreon for supporting this video!

Here are some of the highlights of the project-

NinjaFlex resist on the Pyralux:


Had to make some tiny cuts for threads of the NinjaFlex that might accidentally bridge the traces:


After etching. The boards caught the light in a nice way:


Soldering all of the wires. Resistors are 0805. The 8 pin DIP socket looks giant compared to them:


Completed with a 3D printed base. Coolios RoboBrrd seems to like it!


If you want to see all of the steps, check it out here

Until next time!

Clyde : Winter

Happy winter everyone and everybot! It’s a great season to enjoy many activities. For a robot, this is not just limited to being a robot snowplow. In this hack, we will be making Clyde into a winter themed connected cheerlights device! Watch the vid!

Check out all of the information over on Fabule’s blog. It goes through every step, from 3d printing the snowflakes, to the Processing sketch, and more. So go check it out!


Hope you enjoyed this last Clyde hack! It turned out to be quite a long hack, but the end result makes a great appearance with all of the blinking snowflakes and internet controlled eye.

It has been a blast creating these and evolving the creativity for each one. Thank you to Fabule for sponsoring this video series!

Happy hacking and happy winter :)

Clyde : Halloween

Clyde is ready for Halloween and helps answer the classic question of ‘trick or treat’! Watch the video on YouTube.

For more info on how to mod your Clyde to do this too, head over to the article on Fabule! You can grab the code from there and read about all the details.


Don’t forget about the #ClydeHalloween contest that is happening. For more info, check out this post.

Stay tuned for the next hack that is coming up! Hint: It has something to do with nature!