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Canada Spirit!

Canada Spirit

Canada Spirit is now available on the App Store! Woot! It is a Free App, with an optional In-App upgrade. You can check it out here:


The App has actually been complete for 3 months now, but there were complications along the way. It’s a long story:

For Apps that use In-App purchases, you have to have your App reviewed (without the In-App purchase capabilities) and rejected. This takes approximately 1.5 weeks. Not to mention, that you have to make the App without the In-App capabilities, which, depending on the complexity and time dedication, could be a few days. We’re already looking at 2 weeks waiting here.

Once your App is rejected, you can finally test the In-App purchase sandbox part of your App. SWEET. Add a few days for debugging. We’re up to a total of about 2.5 weeks used to be waiting here.

This is when the crazy part happened to me. For the In-App purchase, I selected the option “Canadian English” for the language. When my App moved to “In Review” (yesss finally!), they removed that language, which forced my In-App purchase to be in a “Developer Action Required” state- and thus no In-App Purchase approval. The whole point of submitting your App (without the In-App purchase capability) to be rejected was to get the In-App purchase approved.

For this, an additional 1.5 weeks were added. We’re already at 4 weeks here! >_< Depending on how carefully you read the guidelines for the App Store, then you can be waiting about a month. That's what happened to Canada Spirit. It got caught in the payment for hardware devices clause. This added another 1.5 weeks... Once the App was resubmitted, the In-App purchase language options changed AGAIN. Luckily though this time the App Store review team actually contacted me and I was able to fix the In-App without having to go to the back of the line. YAY! You have to have a lot of dedication to survive the App Store review process. Canada Spirit went through 6 weeks of poking and prodding just to get to you guys, so I hope you enjoy it 😀 Post your screenshots of whatever photos you decorate on Flickr so that we can see them! Also, sharing this story isn't meant to be against the App Store at all. I still enjoy the App Store as a consumer and developer! It is to cast some awareness on the time investment you will have to make if you want to do some In-App purchases! 😀

Movable Graph – s7graphview

KiloWhatt iPhone App

One of the pitfalls of core-plot is that it is hideous to try to interact with. Panning back and forth on the graph slows to a crawl. Zooming requires scaling down the whole graph, and is probably over-complicating the process. Plus, you can’t really add a title to the graph. In HS the teachers purposely take off “5 points” if you don’t have a title to the graph! I really want to do a good deed and help improve the graphing on iOS devices.

The s7graphview framework is really lightweight and does what it has to. Only problem is that it can’t pan or zoom. I took a look at the code and managed to move variables around to the right places to make it work. Check out the video:

Movable Graph Demo from RobotGrrl on Vimeo.

You can see a few bugs though, especially with the axis lines. Once those are fixed, I’ll be using this new graph framework in KiloWhatt and then releasing the updated graphing framework open source! :) With some sample code for iPad and iPhone too.

Hopefully this will make graphing on iOS easier for everyone. In a couple of weeks I can’t wait to see more graphs!