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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Maker Success Stories @ Kingston Makerspace!


We were recently offered the opportunity to speak at Kingston Makerspace as a part of a speaker series: Maker Success Stories.

This event will feature Liza Wood and myself, speaking about how we both turned our ideas into a reality. It is tonight, Friday at 7:00PM. For more info see here.

Liza will be bringing her experience from the gaming industry, and I will be bringing my experience from the maker movement / community. It will be interesting to compare and contrast these two areas. I’m excited to learn more about Liza’s history and share some of my stories from being a maker.

From the page:

Join Liza Wood and Erin Kennedy in conversation to learn about the paths they took to follow their dreams. Liza will speak with you about how to get into the video game industry as a developer. Erin will be speaking about turning a hobby project into a product and launching a crowdfunding campaign from her experience with the RoboBrrd Kit.

The organiser mentioned that we could sell some kits at the event. So we have worked diligently over the past week to prepare THREE LIME-GREEN RoboBrrd 3D *complete* kits. This includes the chassis, servos, AND electronics! Everything you need to get going. 😀


They will be on sale for $119.95 … 10% off for tonight only, $105! Payable with cash, or via Square. w00t w00t!

Here is a photo of RoboBrrd helping solder RGB LEDs:


Excited for this event, hope to see you there if you’re local to the area. If not, plan an outing to visit the space sometime! :)

Maker Camp – ROBOTS!

Join us on a robot adventure at Maker Camp! Tuesday, July 16th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET. Check it out here.

Here is a sneak peek!

Maker Camp is a virtual summer camp for teens on Google+, where there is a hangout each day with different makers and different themes. Last year, we showed off RoboBrrd and detailed how to build one. It was great to meet the campers and their enthusiasm for making things!

This year, themed for create the future, we’re going to detail how we can get the creatures that exist in our imagination, to become alive in REAL LIFE — by making them into robots!

The fun will include details about:
– Drawing
– Designing / Building
– Electronics
– Programming
– Interaction

Something for everyone! You can use these same steps when tinkering and making your creature come to life. 😀 It’s what we do for our robots.

All you have to do to join in is add +MAKE to your circles on Google+.

There is another Maker Camp robot hangout after this one as well, and you will definitely want to stick around for it! Sylvia and Lenore will be showing off the WatercolourBot. Learn all about a robot that paints with water colours- it’s pretty cool! Check it out here.

Hope you will join us on this robot adventure! SEE YA then! :)

Adventures in 3D Modelling – Dinosaur Head & Tiny Box w/Sculpted Tree

Over the holidays I spent some of my braincation learning more about Blender. The part that I’m most interested in is making things textured, so that they feel really cool. Autodesk Inventor is good for dimensional models, but not so much the artistic detail side.

Here’s the first attempt at making something, it’s a dinosaur head!

Dinosaur Head in Blender

It’s on Thingiverse too, check it out.

One of the tricky parts that I was trying to figure out was how many polys would be necessary to create a nice model?

Here are many polys:

Dinosaur Head in Blender

Here are not so many polys:

Dinosaur Head in Blender

@drandolph was able to take the model and spruce it up a bit, like make it have a flat bottom to be printed, and also lower the poly count. He printed it on his awesome modified Replicator.

Dinosaur head printed out by @drandolph

I didn’t know he was going to print it that big, the dinosaur head is giant! Can you imagine that sitting on a shelf somewhere? Pretty funny!

Dinosaur head printed out by @drandolph

I’m not sure how long it took for him to print it, but thanks again for printing it David!

Also, @i_bioloid took a look at it too, this is how long it would have taken him to print it.

Dinosaur head on @i_bioloid's screen

Playing around in Blender was fun. This time, I wanted to see if I could take a model from Inventor (like the RoboBrrd models), and then sculpt something onto it. The long-term idea here is that I would be able to eventually have sculpted ‘feathers’ on RoboBrrd’s pieces.

Here is the Tiny Box with a Sculpted Tree on it:

Tiny box with a tree sculpted on it

Tiny box with a tree sculpted on it

Here’s how I made it:
– Used Autodesk Inventor Fusion for the model of the tiny box (with some nice fillets on the edges too)
– Exported it as stl
– Imported stl into Blender
– Rotated the object around so that it is sitting with the flat part on the bottom
– Turned into Edit mode, selected the faces on one of the sides
– Subdivided the faces all the way to 10, then subdivided some more to around 3
– Went into Sculpt mode and sculpted on the tree

It’s a pretty cool way to add some customization to a model. I just really hope that it will turn out well when printed! It is also on Thingiverse, check it out.

Tiny box with a tree sculpted on it

Really looking forward to 3D Printing! Ordered a Makerbot Replicator 1 last week thanks to all of the RoboBrrd Indiegogo Backers!

Will get a laser cutter eventually, there would have been some pretty serious problems with ventilation and exhaust if we did get it right now. (If you’re wondering, no: there are no windows, vents, outside facing walls, etc. Yes: it is weird.) There is the option of an air purifier, but then I have to get a smaller laser cutter because it would cost so much. Also, they are out of stock until end of February, which is a really long time.

Might as well get started on something now, otherwise I would be running around in circles. This is the whole beauty of rapid prototyping. Hopefully none of the backers will be too upset. I think the 3D Printer will be good for making robots!

The Indiegogo pressies are nearing complete. There’s still some more things to do, and I don’t want to jinx it with an incomplete post! More news later! 😀