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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Autonomous Robotics Club & National Robotics Week

The first annual National Robotics Week is from April 10-18!

The Autonomous Robotics Club will have a special hack-a-thon at it’s regular Wednesday meeting time (8:00PM).

We have plenty of things to hack, including some NXTs, a Furby, Tuxdroid, iSobot, Sneezing Lamp Robot, BubbleBoy, MANOI, iRobot Create, NXTcamv3! 😀

If you’re around Clarkson, why don’t you stop by the Autonomous Robotics Club room? :) Hope to see you there!

Tuxdroid Unboxing

Tuxdroid Unboxing at COSI!

One long and labourious night at the COSI labs, some people were browsing ThinkGeek. They found this robotic penguin, Tuxdroid, and thought it would be perfect for the labs! It was ordered… and now COSI has a robot penguin! It’s a robot of the symbol of everything open-source! Fantastic!

It took a while to get all the way from Belgium to COSI, and it arrived the weekend of Boston FRC regional – March 26th! :) Everyone resisted opening it in the labs to wait for me… I really appreciated that! =)

Tuxdroid Unboxing at COSI!

Tuxdroid is basically like the Nazbaztag. Tuxdroid can interface with multiple applications on your computer to provide you with a real-world interface to them. A few of which are Skype, Gmail, RSS, and internet radio.

Tuxdroid Unboxing at COSI!

Tuxdroid can flap its arms, close/open its eyes, spin around, open its mouth, blink its eyes, detect light, and play sound. It’s a pretty good set of features that can communicate messages!

Tuxdroid Unboxing at COSI!

One of the best parts though is that you can make gadgets for it that execute code that you write! :) You can write whatever you want, and you can use Python! 😀 Tuxdroid already comes with some useful gadgets though, like saying random Valentine sayings, Christmas carolling, a sense of humour, etc.

Tuxdroid Unboxing at COSI!

It’s also wireless, and can span from about the COSI labs to the Concrete Cafe. That’s about 20m, I’d say? The wireless transmitter is a fish (that is FIRIN ITZ LAZORZ11!1). It has blue LEDs in its eyes that blink when not connected to the Tux.

Tuxdroid Unboxing at COSI!

That basically covers the unboxing of the Tuxdroid. It’s a pretty spiffy piece of equipment that adds spice to any computer lab! Of course, it has secret plans to take over COSI too…

Tuxdroid Unboxing at COSI!


MANOI Team 229

Team 229 is heading to a FIRST competition this week- and since I don’t have three tests on one day I can actually go to this one! WOOHOO!

The location of this competition is one of the most awesome ones… APPARENTLY iRobot scouts people there. Meaning, they’re hunting for smart brains to hire during the summer. :XD: Even though I don’t roll with military style robots (they aren’t supposed to be sociable), that’s pretty cool, to be honest.

I figured that it would be awesome to carry MANOI around and just having it wave its arms, with a Team 229 flag (see picture above). 😀 I think some High Schoolers may enjoy that.

Transporting MANOI for the past few years has been a hassle… so we finally found a good box with styrofoam stuff in it! The styrofoam is actually really nicely engineered, because it comes cut into rectangles, which means that you can easily customize it. This is how MANOI fits in its new box:

MANOI Team 229

There is room for MANOI’s basic needs in there- the batteries and charger, ping pong balls, USB cables… etc.

MANOI Team 229

The outside needs more stickers, but I have the classic FRAGILE one, and a “Made with LabVIEW” sticker — even though it’s not even relatively made with LV. Hahahaha! I’m thinking of printing out a picture of an Arduino and taping it on there. :)

MANOI Team 229

The other day, a member of CUARC with a dremel cut a hole in this metal box for me… 😀 Can you guess what is on the inside?

MANOI Team 229


MANOI Team 229

This will provide MANOI’s microcontroller with the power that it needs while cheering on Team 229 😀

I haven’t programmed the motions yet for MANOI, but I can do that in the hotel tonight. I’m thinking that the legs will be stationary, and just have the arms move around. Also thinking of using the Wii nunchuck to control which sensors are being read or something. I will indeed post the code when I make it! =)