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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Styrobots! ^_^

In order to help raise money for me to go to Stanford, I’m starting a new thing called Styrobots. They’re cute robots, just like a Bristlebot, but it is a painted styrofoam cup, with googley eyes, some pipecleaner, and a smile!

I’m thinking about selling these to raise money to help me go to Stanford. They would sell for around $15 :) More info will be up later!

Here are some pics!

Styrobots! Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot

All of the latest info will be on the Styrobot page, which can be found here!

Enjoyyy! ^_^

Featured on MAKE!

Wow, what a brilliant surprise! After playing around with BubbleBoy, I go to check my email. I noticed that there were two new comments on my blog, which is rather peculiar! I checked it out, then shrieked out loud “I’M ON MAKEZINE!”. Wooooooooooo! I was sooooo (and still am) thrilled! A few seconds later, after playing the video to ensure it was my BristleBot, I sent a thank-you email right away to JBC, the person that made the article. 😀

JBC has a blog, you can check it out here: coin-op. One of the really neat projects is one called PoliceState. Check it out! I like the look of the cars, really stylish. 😀

I’m just so absolutely honoured, flattered, and blabber-ghasted! Thank you so much!! So, check it out on MAKE!

BristleBot on Front Page!

Oh yeah, one more thing – BristleBot says thanks too.


Yay! I made a Bristlebot today, and updated the smilies for this blog. 😀 Much cuter, no? ^_^

Picks up A LOT of Stuff! Kachow! The Many Places a BristleBot can Travel… Baaaaad Soldering

It was pretty fun. My soldering has gone waaaaaay downhill though. Hopefully I’ll get more practice in soon. Arduino and ArtBot contest entries are due in the end of April, so I better get moving. My plan is to make a new Robbie, incidentally called Pinky. I’ll somehow find a small microphone and speaker, and embed it in a physical pink snowman.

The coolest part about the ArtBot contest is that, if I am accepted, I’ll be able to go to Ireland on my birthday. I’m Irish, so that’s quite a huge ordeal! <:D -> Oh, I received my comments today. And a crumpled certificate. Nice. Well, the comments were all positive, even the two in French.

I checked to see what the science fairs in Mass are like – they have a panel of professional judges. So I need not worry for the future! :)