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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Google+ Hangout Extension – Arduino Example

Get your Arduino working with Google+ Hangouts! :)

I hacked this together a while ago, and now here is the tutorial for it. A lot of people have requested it, so hopefully it is of help!

Check out the video!

Watch on YouTube

In order for this to work, there are four main parts. The web app, Processing sketch, Arduino, and Google+ Hangouts xml.

Google+ Hangout Extension - Arduino Example

The web app is the core of it all. The way it works is that it uses web sockets for communicating between the browsers, and a tcp socket to communicate back to Processing.

Google+ Hangout Extension - Arduino Example

Processing is listening to this tcp socket, and then it tells Arduino what to do.

Google+ Hangout Extension - Arduino Example

To get it working in Google+ Hangouts, the web app is included as an iframe. If your camera is pointing at the Arduino, then everyone will be able to see it work!

Google+ Hangout Extension - Arduino Example

I have posted the code for all of this on Github. Go check it out!

A large amount of the code was based off of the code by John Schimmel: node-session. He was really awesome on Twitter helping me get it working!

The tutorial, with all the steps listed out, is over on I really recommend looking at it, because it tells you where to replace the variables for your own ones. 😉

If you decide to take the plunge and try it out, I created a long in-depth tutorial walking through the code.

Watch on YouTube

I really hope that this helps people out there to get started! I would love to control some of your robots and blinky lights through Google+ Hangouts. Oh yeah, and it would be great to see them on the Robot Party!

Let me know if you have any questions along the way, and I can try and answer them! Gooooood luck!

Open Hardware Summit 2012

RoboBrrd OHS Maker Faire Splash

Join us at the Open Hardware Summit 2012! We will be giving a talk, doing a poster presentation, and also demoing RoboBrrd.

Our talk will be during the Hardware & Materials session, somewhere in between 11:30 and 1:00! It is called: Sharing the Inspiration with Robot Kits! Check out the description here. It’s only 5 minutes long, but I aim to leave people more inspired anyway!

When building a robot, transitioning from using accessible resources to designing a kit version is often times very challenging. One of the underlying motivations to tackle this challenge is the ability to share your inspiration with more people. This talk will discuss reasons to jump in and design a kit version, and how doing so will benefit the community. It is intended primarily for those who have not had the experience with designing their own kit, but can also be beneficial for experts to communicate their lessons learned as well.

Open Hardware Summit 2012 RobotGrrl Posters

Our demo is about RoboBrrd of course! Look for D7, and that will probably be us. You will be able to check out the new Seagull RoboBrrd, as well as Impy RoboBrrd, and see what some of the kit pieces will look like. For more info see here.

RoboBrrd is a robotic bird character that has an entertaining personality, and can interface with virtual learning applications. It is designed as a do-it-yourself kit, providing an introductory experience into the world of robotics engineering. This demo will showcase the intractability of the RoboBrrds, including feeding it virtual fruit, and putting different hats on RoboBrrd to change its behaviours!

Open Hardware Summit 2012 RobotGrrl Posters

Our poster is about the Robot Party. Look for P3, and it will be it. Alternatively, it may be located at the same place where our demo is. From the poster you will be able to learn about the Robot Party, and how it can inspire many robot builders. Check out more details here.

The Robot Party is a weekly Google+ hangout that brings together robot builders to share their robots, knowledge, and ask questions. This poster will showcase screenshots and descriptions of various moments featuring makers who have created robots and shared their knowledge on the Robot Party. It will be fun and colourful to look at, capturing the spirit of many of the Robot Party hangouts!

I’m looking forward to what the badge will be for OHS this year. Will it be tasty? Blinky? Who knows! Also hoping for some really nice freebies, because I want to build more crazy robots!

Looking forward to meeting everyone at OHS and learning more about the open hardware world. If you see us there, feel free to stop by and say hello!

Special Edition Robot Party! LMRv4!

Recent Robot Party Splash Pics!

There is a special edition Robot Party this Saturday! We will be broadcasting the Lets Make Robots v4 fundraiser celebration! Anyone who has donated can be entered to win 5 prizes from Adafruit. The drawing will be done on air, so it will be really fun!

Here is the time that it will be broadcasted:
Saturday June 16th @
• 5AM PDT (UTC-7) (Vancouver, San Francisco)
• 8AM EDT (UTC-4) (Toronto, New York)
• 1PM PST (UTC+1) (Britain)
• 5:30PM IST (UTC+5.5) (Mumbai)
• 9PM JST (UTC+9) (Tokyo)
• 10PM EST (UTC+10) (Sydney)


We’re really looking forward to getting the chance to meet robot builders who haven’t been on the Robot Party before!

To join the hangout, leave a comment saying that you will want to be in the Robot Party on my G+ page. This way I can add you to my circles, and when the hangout begins you can press the ‘Join Hangout’ button. Please bring a robot to show if you are planning to join the hangout!

You can still watch the hangout stream if you don’t want to be in the hangout! The stream will be live on the Robot Party page, where you can tune in and watch it! With Google+ Hangouts on Air, the recording is automatically saved and uploaded, so if you can’t make it, you can watch the recording!

This is similar to the previous special edition LMR fundraiser Robot Party celebration, where NilsB showed us his awesome chaos bot and picked the winners!

Last night’s Robot Party was a blast, thank you to everyone who showed off their cool projects and robots!

Hope to see everyone at this special edition Robot Party!