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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Seagull RoboBrrd

Here’s one of the recent decorated RoboBrrds! I’m trying to prepare for Maker Faire by having a few more different RoboBrrds up and running. This one was the black-painted laser cut version, and covered in felt it looks a lot different.

This is the RoboBrrd before:


And after all of the felt was added on, tada!


As you can see on its side, it has circles- like it’s related to dalmatians or something. Or it’s just a speckled seagull. 😉


There’s a cute pattern on the top as well!


Added in some grey felt accents to the googely eyes. Cool.


For this RoboBrrd, I cut the squares to size and velcroed each one on. While it is great to use velcro, it does add some height to the material, like it is being stacked. For the next RoboBrrd, I’m going to try something a little different and see if it will look a bit better.


Around the same time, I also added in some LEDs and googely eyes for the Lightning RoboBrrd. Here the two RoboBrrds are discussing 3d printers 😉


This Seagull RoboBrrd doesn’t have a brain just yet, but I’m working on getting all of the wires organized and together so I can easily swap in/out some Arduinos.

As for the behaviours of this RoboBrrd, I’m not entirely sure what it should be. Was thinking probably something classic like with a nunchuck or something. If I add in a voice shield with seagull sounds on it, that could be cool (though no one would be able to hear it at Maker Faire!).

I’m really excited to get as many RoboBrrds running as possible in time for Maker Faire! They probably won’t all be animated with servos, but maybe there are other creative things to do, like using LEDs with feathers and such!

Plasma RoboGlyph Boards

These boards were supposed to look amazing. However, they turned out BLANK!


First of all I was really lucky they arrived. They were supposed to be sent with the RoboBrrd Brain Boards, but for some reason they weren’t. However they were mailed the same day, so how can you figure that one out? 😛 I didn’t have a chance to solder these up since I received them a few hours before getting on the bus to Montreal Mini Maker Faire.

So now it is time to have some fun with these boards, let’s add in some LEDs! Since there are no labels (tip: in geda pressing ‘h’ while having your mouse over the component will display/hide its component name label), I checked with the schematic first and figured out that the circle is supposed to be positive.


These traces really look nice without a fill around them!


The positioning of the LEDs looks geometrically unpleasant without the artwork there.


Each RoboGlyph needs 12 LEDs and 4 resistors. Wow, 24 LEDs sure goes by quickly. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to buy ‘a dozen LEDs’ from our corner stores. :) They kind of look like a goofy flower.


I’ve never really played with charlieplexing before, but I tested a few of the wires and some LEDs did light up. I’ll be experimenting with it more later on to get it working. Maybe RoboBrrd can wear it as a pendant or something. 😉

Now it is time to investigate why this has happened. It’s probably something weird with the top layer. Here is a screenshot of the various gerber files. From left to right it is, version 1, 2, and 3. Version 1 is the original design, 2 is after Laen suggested I make a fill, and 3 is that suggestion after confirmation that it would work but now a little tidier.

plasma roboglyph gerber differences

However, if we turn off the top layer and look at the top mask layer, this is what it looks like.

plasma roboglyph gerber differences

Going even further, this is the top silk layer.

plasma roboglyph gerber differences

So I’m not really sure what is going wrong here. I’ll probably post this question in some forums and see what the answers and suggestions are. Hopefully it can get figured out soon so I can order the boards and have them shipped in time for Maker Faire NY!

Thanks to everyone who donated to my robotics fund which contributed to the fabbing costs of this!

It was an interesting experience. Next time hopefully these will turn out a lot better.

As @missmoun said:
“Epic Fails make glorious memories as well.”



These are Scruptozids! They blink. Check out the video:

The story of the Scruptozids:

Scruptozids are treasures found by an ancient explorer in the year 100 AAI (after artificial intelligence). They were created by a robot builder whos research was to try to create robotic creatures that could pass down the traditions of humankind to the newfound robot culture. Their design allows for coloured light patterns to shine for different indications.

All three are on Etsy for $42.13.

Scruptozid 1

Scruptozid 1

Scruptozid 2

Scruptozid 2

Scruptozid 3

Scruptozid 3

Hopefully there will be three people to give these things a good home! They would make a really nice desk ornament as an LED indicator for various internet of things data, like temperature or email… or even more things.