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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Maker Camp – ROBOTS!

Join us on a robot adventure at Maker Camp! Tuesday, July 16th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET. Check it out here.

Here is a sneak peek!

Maker Camp is a virtual summer camp for teens on Google+, where there is a hangout each day with different makers and different themes. Last year, we showed off RoboBrrd and detailed how to build one. It was great to meet the campers and their enthusiasm for making things!

This year, themed for create the future, we’re going to detail how we can get the creatures that exist in our imagination, to become alive in REAL LIFE — by making them into robots!

The fun will include details about:
– Drawing
– Designing / Building
– Electronics
– Programming
– Interaction

Something for everyone! You can use these same steps when tinkering and making your creature come to life. 😀 It’s what we do for our robots.

All you have to do to join in is add +MAKE to your circles on Google+.

There is another Maker Camp robot hangout after this one as well, and you will definitely want to stick around for it! Sylvia and Lenore will be showing off the WatercolourBot. Learn all about a robot that paints with water colours- it’s pretty cool! Check it out here.

Hope you will join us on this robot adventure! SEE YA then! :)

RoboBrrd at Maker Camp!

RoboBrrd will be at Maker Camp on Tinkering Tuesday! August 14th at 12PM PT / 3PM ET!

At this Maker Camp hangout, you will learn all about RoboBrrd! It is an open ended project, as there are many ways to create your own RoboBrrd! We will discuss programming an Arduino and getting the servos moving, and move differently when there are sensors involved. Additionally, we will show off the various RoboBrrds and detail how they were built and what improvements there were from robot to robot!

We will be watching the hashtag #MakerCamp on Google+ for *your* RoboBrrd creations on Tuesday! We hope to see your imaginative and awesome creations!

There’s some great content over on, and we will be adding even more on Monday! Here are two of the videos, supplies and ideas! We will also have a special Google+ Hangout Extension on Tuesday especially for RoboBrrd, so stay tuned 😉


Watch on YouTube


Watch on YouTube

Hope to see everyone there on Tuesday! 😀 Learn all about RoboBrrd! ^_^ Check out for more info, and circle +Erin RobotGrrl on Google+ (and +RoboBrrd!)

Connecting your Robot to MyRobots / ThingSpeak

Send your robot into the cloud with a simple Processing sketch to upload its data to MyRobots or ThingSpeak!


Here is a guide to get you started with sending your robot’s data to MyRobots or ThingSpeak! You can look at it on MAKE: Projects!

Connecting your Robot to MyRobots / ThingSpeak

Don’t forget to star/+1/tweet/comment the guide! 😉

If you just want to jump to the code, here is the bare-bones Processing sketch: SimpleThingSpeak!

You can also get ThingSpeak_Firmata (Processing) example, and the LearningPet_AnalogFirmata_MyRobots example on Github! :)

Be sure to give RoboBrrd some +1’s and friendship requests on MyRobots here!

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