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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Maker Camp – ROBOTS!

Join us on a robot adventure at Maker Camp! Tuesday, July 16th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET. Check it out here.

Here is a sneak peek!

Maker Camp is a virtual summer camp for teens on Google+, where there is a hangout each day with different makers and different themes. Last year, we showed off RoboBrrd and detailed how to build one. It was great to meet the campers and their enthusiasm for making things!

This year, themed for create the future, we’re going to detail how we can get the creatures that exist in our imagination, to become alive in REAL LIFE — by making them into robots!

The fun will include details about:
- Drawing
- Designing / Building
- Electronics
- Programming
- Interaction

Something for everyone! You can use these same steps when tinkering and making your creature come to life. :D It’s what we do for our robots.

All you have to do to join in is add +MAKE to your circles on Google+.

There is another Maker Camp robot hangout after this one as well, and you will definitely want to stick around for it! Sylvia and Lenore will be showing off the WatercolourBot. Learn all about a robot that paints with water colours- it’s pretty cool! Check it out here.

Hope you will join us on this robot adventure! SEE YA then! :)

RobotGrrl EYE50 C2MTL

We are selected as a top 20 finalist in the EYE50 competition, a part of C2MTL.

Here is the video that we submitted:

Our big idea starts on a small scale: working on building the experience needed to create anything from your imagination, using DIY robots. These will be the toys for the future, where everyone can learn by making, tinkering, soldering, and programming.

Read more about our project on the EYE50 Intel Platform page and the C2 EYE50 page.

More info about the EYE50 competition here:

C2-MTL, in partnership with Intel, is seeking the EYE50, the 50 Emerging Young Entrepreneurs who will transform the world and shape the future. Prove to us your idea is big enough to be the next big thing and get the chance to have an audience for your idea during the C2-MTL conference.

The opportunity to be here and meet other people with interesting ideas, a driven passion, and creativity is great. I really want to learn how people have harnessed their creativity to earn money, and how they evaluated what risks to take to grow further without sacrificing core values.

With the knowledge gained from this week, I hope to put it into action with some of the future robots & projects we are making :) I’m sure there will be a few moments where someone will say something and it can put things into a different perspective, to look at them differently, and perhaps realize there is something really cool that can happen!

Winning the grand prize would put us one step closer to achieving our goal of making DIY robots as the toys for the future. We would be able to put some money towards more inventory for the RoboBrrd and Buddy 4000 electronics; a highly interactive display for Maker Faire NY; development pieces for other robots; more machines for our rapid prototyping ‘bot farm’; and more development.

Either way, we’ll still be making robots of course! (Stay tuned for a blog post later this week about our Buddy 4000 + BLE iPad App work in progress)

One of the fun things to think about is that DIY robots are really one of several stepping stones to our ultimate goal: making robots become creatures themselves, where they have their own robo-culture, stories that they pass down from generation to generation, and personalities… a real robot society!

A big thank you to everyone who shared and liked our link. It helped our video reach higher up on the page, and we were accepted!

It goes without saying that RoboBrrd wouldn’t be where it is now without the help from others in the Maker community. Read more about RoboBrrd’s history here.

If you are at C2MTL, please come say hi to us (RoboBrrd, Buddy4000, and RobotGrrl)! We’ll be wearing an aqua-blue wearable electronic necklace that lights up white to reveal a lightning bolt design. See ya there!

Introducing Buddy 4000!

Buddy 4000 is a classy robot chassis designed to express robot emotions with an artistic flair. ;)

See it in action in this video!

Buddy 4000 is available NOW in the RoboBrrd Store! Special introductory sale, $5 off!

It is everything you are looking for in a robot chassis that looks like a classic robot. Perfect as a chassis for a small project, or just a robotic statue.


There is documentation available for building the robot, example electronics, and programming. Check out the main page for Buddy 4000 to see them all.

Open Source Hardware

Yes, Buddy 4000 is OSHW! You can view the .stl’s in our 3D viewer mode, and download an archive of all the files. Hopefully this will let everyone be able to make their own Buddy 4000 (or even a derivative of it). Send pics if you do! Go check it out.

Name Your Price

There is a special ‘name your price’ feature on the Buddy 4000 store page. The extra money is going towards our robotics fund / Maker Faire NY travel fund! We really appreciate your help, and hope to see you at Maker Faire NY!


Buddy 4000 was created to look like a modern version of the old ‘tin toy’ robots. We put much effort into the design of the ‘bot, so hopefully it meets this goal. It took a while to finish this off, especially with all the documentation. Enjoy it! If it makes someone smile, it has been worth it.

Thanks to all the twitter people for following this project over the course of developing it. It’s been fun, and the replies were always interesting to read!

Now go get your Buddy 4000 here, or make your own here!