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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Maker Success Stories @ Kingston Makerspace!


We were recently offered the opportunity to speak at Kingston Makerspace as a part of a speaker series: Maker Success Stories.

This event will feature Liza Wood and myself, speaking about how we both turned our ideas into a reality. It is tonight, Friday at 7:00PM. For more info see here.

Liza will be bringing her experience from the gaming industry, and I will be bringing my experience from the maker movement / community. It will be interesting to compare and contrast these two areas. I’m excited to learn more about Liza’s history and share some of my stories from being a maker.

From the page:

Join Liza Wood and Erin Kennedy in conversation to learn about the paths they took to follow their dreams. Liza will speak with you about how to get into the video game industry as a developer. Erin will be speaking about turning a hobby project into a product and launching a crowdfunding campaign from her experience with the RoboBrrd Kit.

The organiser mentioned that we could sell some kits at the event. So we have worked diligently over the past week to prepare THREE LIME-GREEN RoboBrrd 3D *complete* kits. This includes the chassis, servos, AND electronics! Everything you need to get going. :D


They will be on sale for $119.95 … 10% off for tonight only, $105! Payable with cash, or via Square. w00t w00t!

Here is a photo of RoboBrrd helping solder RGB LEDs:


Excited for this event, hope to see you there if you’re local to the area. If not, plan an outing to visit the space sometime! :)

Gear Art vs RoboBrrd Banana Transporter

Check out this cool gear artwork piece that we made — or as the RoboBrrds called it, a magical banana transporter!

Watch the video for the entire story:

How this project came about was we wanted to create something for our backers on Patreon. Our first ideas were rather inanimate. We needed something that could move and look interesting. The gear art is the result of this thought.

The .stl files are available for you to download and print one yourself. You can find it on our Open Source Hardware page.

We also captured some ‘making-of’ timelapse footage and compiled it into a video:

One of the aspects of the design that surprised us was that we couldn’t find a formula for aligning the gears via experimentation. All of them required a ‘fudge factor’ in either their positioning or diameter. We got around this by just focussing on making each gear mesh with the one previous, and then finally working on the final gear.

Here are some of our favourite photos of the project:




We are experimenting with story-telling with our robots. We want there to be an entire world of these robots, where they are always plotting, building, and generally goofing around. Hopefully it makes the video more interesting and enjoyable overall.

One of the areas that could improve would be the speech bubbles. If they are added later in the video editing process, we could focus on animating the robots rather than moving the bubbles in and out. We have to learn different video editing software for this, it might take a bit of time.

It’s fun to get lost in Planet Zimpopodu with the robots. Let us know what you think!

If you want to see more projects like this, as well as behind-the-scenes sneak peek previews, consider backing us on Patreon.

Thanks for watching and sharing our new video. We’re already excited for the next ones! :)


Progress Update: Nintendo DS + 3DP Game Controller


The goal of this hack is to make an interface to the Nintendo DS. We use Caleb Kraft‘s 3D printed game controller pieces (D-Pad, 4 Buttons) for the interface.

Been working on this for a little while now, and finally hit a milestone with it.

Here is a progress update video!

Took a while to figure out how the buttons on the DS worked. Finally figured it out, and use a level shifter to trigger the buttons from the Arduino. The Arduino is also checking the button presses from the external 3D printed controllers, then sends the corresponding press to the DS.

I want to document this very well so that other people can do this too. Been taking lots of photos throughout. Caleb Kraft’s talk at the Open Hardware Summit was really eye-opening, and I think it’s cool how the ‘copy & paste’ empowerment can have such a huge effect on people that really need it. Games are fun, and everyone should be able to play them. Why should physical ability prohibit what happens in the gaming worlds? So unfair.

Will also be trying out a speech recognition interface, wonder how well it will work. If you have any other crazy ideas for interfaces, let me know.