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Arduino DUE – Up close pics!

Let’s look at some of the Arduino DUE! Pics were taken at Evil Mad Science using their fabulous photography setup. Thanks guys!

This is what the Arduino DUE looks like:

IMG_2819 - Version 2

From above:

IMG_2821 - Version 2

The connectors:

IMG_2844 - Version 2

The back:

IMG_2830 - Version 2

Board model: DUE!

IMG_2895 - Version 2

Developer edition!

IMG_2846 - Version 2

So many small components, and the routes seem very detailed:

IMG_2851 - Version 3

Check out this squiggly route! I was wondering if they were trying to imitate my weird sense of style in circuits. Later I found out in the Robot Party from Alvaro that it is probably because the lines have to be of the same length! This makes sense if it is for something sensitive like data transmission.

IMG_2873 - Version 3

Look at all the tiny pins! It’s so immensely detailed!

IMG_2869 - Version 3

That’s about it for the basic pics. There’s more on flickr here!

The board itself looks really nice. However my imagination can’t stop wondering about what this would look like if it was a black board rather than funky turquoise. It would probably look even more snazzier! However, no one really cares about the looks! We just want to make our projects more capable!

MANOI really wants to use the DUE so that it can blink AND balance at the same time. If anyone knows MANOI really well, this is kind of important… otherwise it ends up taking a 1m tall dive off tables. Owch.

I’ll post more about my adventures and progress as it happens! :)

The pics are CC BY-NC-SA! Go and use em!

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