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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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27 hours left! & RoboBrrd Dashboard Beta!

There are only 27 hours left for you to support RoboBrrd on Indiegogo! It’s the final countdown! Check it out here!

As you might have seen in the teaser video from last week, we were working on an application called RoboBrrd Dashboard. Now, it is available as Beta 1! Check out the video overview:

Watch on YouTube

This was made entirely in Processing with controlP5. It was quite straight forward to code it, the things that took the most time were in the details, like positioning, colours, and buttons. It also writes to an xml file, to save your current theme and servo positions. Handy!

Here is a screenshot:


RoboBrrd enjoys being calibrated with RoboBrrd Dashboard!

RoboBrrd + Dashboard

You can download it over at! It’s open source, check out the Github repo!

This is version Beta 1, so let us know if you find any bugs so that we can fix them :)

Help spread the word of RoboBrrd on Indiegogo and share the inspiration of robotics! Thanks!

SecondConf Fun

SecondConf was a great experience! I spent the weekend learning and taking in a lot of useful knowledge about software and also hardware!

The most I learnt about was Bluetooth Low Energy from @macisv (Bob Kressin) and @bradlarson (Brad Larson). They are doing some really spiffy things with the technology. Not only is it going to have uses that can benefit our day to day lives, but it will be great for hobby uses and research.

Bob actually gave me a BLE module to play around with, and I have one of the shields from RedBearLabs from Maker Faire now as well, so I cannot wait to test it out! I’ll probably have to rent an iPod Touch for a weekend to test out the apps on it, but hey better than nuttin! Better than MFi! 😉 (That there in the pic is also a book that I won from the puzzle contest!)

IMG_6359 - Version 2

I gave a talk on Apps for Arduino and RoboBrrd! You can view the slides on my webpage here, or on SlideShare here. There was a demo afterwards where I showed off RoboBrrd, the laser cut pieces, and also the boards.

I was quite pleased with this talk, since it was 40 minutes long I was able to explain everything in detail. People clapped afterwards, and the response on twitter was good, so hopefully people enjoyed it and learned something new!

^ pic by Kevin Mitchell

The demo worked great, except Impy had a little bit of stage-fright batteries at the beginning. I’m glad that I left the demo to after the whole talk was finished, because then people could come up and ask questions!

^ pic by Kevin Mitchell

This pic is funny, apparently RoboBrrd does not know how microphones work yet.

^ pic by Kevin Mitchell

It was interesting how often the word ‘design’ was used during the conference, mainly because it’s important, but it also has a lot of different contexts. From SecondConf I learned that design could mean anything from the user interface of the app, to accessibility, to behind the scenes physics formulas. Well, it seems kind of obvious now, but it’s just like design is everywhere. Not just CAD or EDA or UI, but how you do whatever you’re doing!

IMG_5036 - Version 2

One of the perks of the conference being in Willis tower was going up to the Sky Deck and being totally scared out of your brains! I’m not usually a person scared of heights, but when you step onto the open glass, your mind plays tricks on you and you think that there is no glass- that you would be falling. It was pretty crazy kneeling down to take a picture of RoboBrrd like this:

IMG_5045 - Version 2

It’s just so crazy to be that tall up off the ground!


The organizers were really great! The food was good, the pop was good, and even the tea was good! The pizza there was pretty crazily three dimensional too. Amy was awesome, and tried her best to rescue me when I was stranded at ORD and I only had access to Twitter through a poopy touch screen public computer. In this pic is David and I, he was really cool too!

^ pic by Kevin Mitchell

As you can tell, I was pretty happy to be at SecondConf! 😀 I’m looking forward to trying to go next year. The size is small enough that you get to meet everyone at least once, and learn about what they make etc. It’s just an excellent way to learn pearls of wisdom from other developers who are as experienced as you, if not more!

^ pic by Kevin Mitchell

It was great meeting many new friends at SecondConf, and I’m really looking forward to what everyone is going to make in the future!

RoboBrrd & Apps for Arduino at SecondConf!

SecondConf Splash

We’re going to SecondConf! SecondConf is a developers conference for iOS and Mac. It’s sort of like WWDC, but there will be less people there, more discussions, and lots of learning of course!

We were invited to give a talk last year, but thanks to a cold on the end of Maker Faire we had to post-pone it to this year. And we were actually invited back this year to give a talk! Sweet!

If you’re going to SecondConf, our talk is Sunday at 11:00AM!

You will not want to miss it, because it will be about robots and electronics and how to create a blended reality by combining it with software!

The talk is about 40 minutes long. During the talk we will discuss:

Apps for Arduino
– “If hardware is the heart of a project, then software is its soul”
– Matatino and Wijourno frameworks
– Why lack of feature creep is its best feature
– Community, open source
– And more!

– “Do-it-yourself educational robotic pet”
– Educational aspects
– Fun hardware
– And more!

The talk will also include some demos of how everything works and such!

From what I’ve heard, the talks will be recorded and archived, so it will be online in the future.


Check it out! Dr. Wave is also going to be there! Remember when RoboBrrd visited Pixar while we were at Evil Mad Science? It’s always really interesting to learn more about Pixar, movies, software, and just so many things.

Bob Kressin, who is the presenter right after me then lunch, is also doing a presentation on Bluetooth Low Energy. This will also be really cool, since we are going to work together to get RoboBrrd working with BLE on Friday! I’m totally psyched for this!

Mega thank you for SecondConf for the opportunity and accommodations! It’s going to be great. Looking forward to meeting everyone!