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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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New Boards!

Four new boards, open source hardware, timelapse video, and a tutorial!

New Boards!

Big day, we have four new boards! Here is a little overview of each:



RoboBrrd Brain (APMB)

Your RoboBrrd needs a brain! Use this Arduino Pro Mini Breakout board that was specifically designed for RoboBrrd to get it up and running.

More details / View in store


Quick! Resistors!

Add resistors to your project with simplicity and elegance.

More details / View in store


Quick! Voltage Divider!

Add two voltage dividers to your project — usually used with variable resistors as sensors.

More details / View in store


Arduino Pro Mini Breakout

Embed an Arduino into a project, with a suitable amount of prototyping space available.

More details / View in store



Available Now

You can buy these boards on our store, right now.



Timelapse Video

Here is a short video of the making of the boards in gEDA! Time goes by so quickly on timelapse mode…

Watch on YouTube



New Tutorial

We are including 3D printed enclosure ‘sleds’ with each of the boards. It would be very tedious to design these by hand, but there is a way you can export the pcb from gEDA into Inventor. We thought we would share this with you!

3D Printed PCB Enclosure: gEDA to Autodesk Inventor

Learn more!



Open Source Hardware!

The gEDA pcb files, as well as the Inventor enclosure files are open source!

View the Github repository.


RoboBrrd Fundraiser on Tindie

We are having a RoboBrrd fundraiser / pre-order on Tindie right now. Check it out here!

With your help, we’ll (hopefully) be able to meet our goal of 30 RoboBrrds to do another production run. We have learnt many things during the first run from the Indiegogo campaign, now we’re up to trying it again. Each of the RoboBrrds ordered in the Tindie fundraiser will receive a special Brrdy-Tindie token. ;)

The fundraiser is only up for two weeks! If you can share the word about the fundraiser with your friends, teachers, animals, robots, aliens, and everyone else- it will be incredibly useful.

We will have more updates, secret RoboBrrd messages, and goodies coming soon. :D

Meet the Custom RoboBrrds!

Here are the custom RoboBrrds that we created for some of the backers of the Indiegogo campaign (who backed at that level or above) :)


Here is a video of them all flapping their wings and working:

Let’s dive in to what each RoboBrrd is about!

This one was supposed to be a ‘horse theme’. We weren’t exactly sure what that was supposed to be like when combining it with a RoboBrrd, but we came up witha nice sunset-esque colour pallet:



A penguin themed RoboBrrd! Definitely one of my favourites, check it out:



This RoboBrrd’s theme was to be simply, blue and white. Almost like a blue jay! There are stripes on it so that it can speed through the air very quickly:



And last but not least… a very special fancy RoboBrrd with the Brrds Nest front face! It was a blast to decorate this one:



We sent them on their way flying to their masters earlier this week! Some may have already received them by now. Bye bye Brrds!


It was a pleasure to make these four customized RoboBrrds. They took a lot of time and effort, but definitely worth while. THANK YOU for backing the RoboBrrd Indiegogo campaign! :D

We posted two new updates on the RoboBrrd Indiegogo campaign, be sure to check them out if you are interested!

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