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AFSR: Z-Axis Carriage Progress

We posted a new update on our Automatic Food Slicer Robot project! You can read all about the prototyping adventures so far.

Here are a few photos and vines of the current Z-Axis Carriage:

Front View:

Side View:

Back View:

First CAD Assembly Rendering:

Be sure to read the update on the project over on Hackaday, it details all the prototyping we did up to this point!

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  • Frank

    3 years ago

    This seems like an excellent remix of the laser cut cnc linear axis:

    It’s great to see some alternatives for linear axis carriages that do not rely on threaded rods. Excellent design, I can imagine it being very scalable. Good luck at the hackaday contest.

  • Erin, the RobotGrrl

    3 years ago

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for pointing this design out. Neat how they are using two pinion gears- it really decreases the width from the gear set.

    Yes- did not want to spend money on buying all of the rods. Figured I could design it, so why not!

    New update coming soon, stay tuned. :)

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