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Maker Success Stories @ Kingston Makerspace!


We were recently offered the opportunity to speak at Kingston Makerspace as a part of a speaker series: Maker Success Stories.

This event will feature Liza Wood and myself, speaking about how we both turned our ideas into a reality. It is tonight, Friday at 7:00PM. For more info see here.

Liza will be bringing her experience from the gaming industry, and I will be bringing my experience from the maker movement / community. It will be interesting to compare and contrast these two areas. I’m excited to learn more about Liza’s history and share some of my stories from being a maker.

From the page:

Join Liza Wood and Erin Kennedy in conversation to learn about the paths they took to follow their dreams. Liza will speak with you about how to get into the video game industry as a developer. Erin will be speaking about turning a hobby project into a product and launching a crowdfunding campaign from her experience with the RoboBrrd Kit.

The organiser mentioned that we could sell some kits at the event. So we have worked diligently over the past week to prepare THREE LIME-GREEN RoboBrrd 3D *complete* kits. This includes the chassis, servos, AND electronics! Everything you need to get going. 😀


They will be on sale for $119.95 … 10% off for tonight only, $105! Payable with cash, or via Square. w00t w00t!

Here is a photo of RoboBrrd helping solder RGB LEDs:


Excited for this event, hope to see you there if you’re local to the area. If not, plan an outing to visit the space sometime! :)

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