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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Lightning LoL Necklace Wearable


Here was a quick project that I created in time for C2MTL. It’s a simple, blinky, 3D printed, wearable electronic. We wanted to wear something that would be interesting and a conversation starter (it worked!).

We used the LoL Shield for the source of the blinkiness:


Underneath, controlling it, is a Diavolino. The velcro is added on to make it stay in place while inside the chassis:


This is what the main body of the necklace looks like, it was modelled in Autodesk Inventor:


It was printed out as all one piece, took about 2 hours:


The LoL Shield & Diavolino fit in nicely:


There was a LDR poking out the side as well. We didn’t end up using it though (not enough time to code something):


Now with the faceplate glued on, it looks pretty sweet!


Battery pack attached behind:


Here is a short video of it in action:

(aside: here’s a video about what ‘What the Box?!’ is)

The inspiration for the face plate idea came from Buddy 4000. We noticed that the light can shine though its plastic, because of the low infill percentage, so figured the same would be true if the design was only 4 layers (and 2 layers on the lightning bolt).

There was one point where this whole project didn’t work. When soldering the Diavolino and LoL Shield together, the height must have slipped- which caused the reset button to always be pushed. Somehow we were able to desolder this… even though it was tightly squished between the two. Phew!

The battery life lasted throughout the day. There were a few times when the rain almost got to it, but luckily it kept on working.

One of the most interesting ideas that the necklace brought forward was raised to me during a conversation (which was about a discussion people were having about the necklace). The idea went something like this:

The necklace is my ‘currency’ for discussions with people. It makes people interested and want to know more.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to delve into this ‘currency for discussions’ idea further, but it sounds quite interesting. It’s almost like as if the wearable becomes exchanged for a moment of curiosity, which can then be exchanged for a discussion.

I wonder if all wearable electronic projects are like this- if people come up to you just because it’s something different and want to know more. Perhaps more world-wide friendliness & curiosity could be an unexpected result from wearable electronics!

So, it worked and we were able to get people to talk to us. 😀 I extremely recommend this to other shy/not-exactly-social people.

To be honest, I never really considered wearable electronics that interesting. Now, after seeing the social aspect of it first hand… it’s kind of fascinating! I may want to try a project or two with a Flora or Lilypad. 😉

The LoL Necklace can be found on Thingiverse here (thing:98078), with the .stl and raw Inventor files (except we removed the lightning bolt, feel free to come up with your own design!).

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