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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Seagull RoboBrrd

Here’s one of the recent decorated RoboBrrds! I’m trying to prepare for Maker Faire by having a few more different RoboBrrds up and running. This one was the black-painted laser cut version, and covered in felt it looks a lot different.

This is the RoboBrrd before:


And after all of the felt was added on, tada!


As you can see on its side, it has circles- like it’s related to dalmatians or something. Or it’s just a speckled seagull. 😉


There’s a cute pattern on the top as well!


Added in some grey felt accents to the googely eyes. Cool.


For this RoboBrrd, I cut the squares to size and velcroed each one on. While it is great to use velcro, it does add some height to the material, like it is being stacked. For the next RoboBrrd, I’m going to try something a little different and see if it will look a bit better.


Around the same time, I also added in some LEDs and googely eyes for the Lightning RoboBrrd. Here the two RoboBrrds are discussing 3d printers 😉


This Seagull RoboBrrd doesn’t have a brain just yet, but I’m working on getting all of the wires organized and together so I can easily swap in/out some Arduinos.

As for the behaviours of this RoboBrrd, I’m not entirely sure what it should be. Was thinking probably something classic like with a nunchuck or something. If I add in a voice shield with seagull sounds on it, that could be cool (though no one would be able to hear it at Maker Faire!).

I’m really excited to get as many RoboBrrds running as possible in time for Maker Faire! They probably won’t all be animated with servos, but maybe there are other creative things to do, like using LEDs with feathers and such!

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  • Dino

    4 years ago

    Nice work! I really like the Seagull’s spots! Having a few birds at Maker Faire with the inside visible would be a good idea. People like to see what’s inside.

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