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Archive for February 25th, 2012

How many MAKE: Projects will it take to get to Maker Faire?

Time for some Maker Faire fundraising! To make this extremely fun, I’m going to try to answer the question: “How many MAKE: Projects will it take to get to Maker Faire?”.

I’ll be putting up lots of tutorials on MAKE: Projects, and if you like them a lot, then you can donate on my Maker Faire page here. Since getting to Maker Faire Bay Area is almost impossibly expensive, I wanted something to show for my efforts anyway in case it doesn’t work out :p

The first tutorial in the series is Instant Nature: Quick & Peaceful! If you ever get annoyed at the whir of your computer fans… this one is for you. It combines Hotkeys for Arduino with the Adafruit Wave Shield (my 3rd fav shield)! You can check it out on MAKE: Projects.

Instant Nature: Quick & Peaceful

Enjoy, and hope to see YOU at Maker Faire! And if you are feeling doubley generous, here are two other people who are fundraising to get to Maker Faire: Joey and Lets Make Robots.

Also Instant Nature was mentioned up in the New on MAKE: Projects post on the MAKE: blog! WOOHOO! Thanks!