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Archive for December 30th, 2011

Brrd Base Electrical Layout

Here is a drawing of what the electrical layout will most likely resemble for RoboBrrd with it’s custom brain board.

Brrd Electrical Layout

The voltage input for the servos will be located around the same area that the usb and dc jack are for the Arduino. I plan to make it noticeable with a silkscreen which input is for what. Also, there could be a shorting block for using an optional voltage regulator that could be plugged in via headers.

The servo headers would be located in the prototyping area nearest to the Arduino area. Hopefully the distance from the filtered voltage to the headers won’t effect anything too much.

There will be a lot of room for the wires going to the screw terminals, and you will also be able to mount a shield on the Arduino part. The prototyping area is a little smaller, but perhaps there could be a way to stack the prototyping areas if more room was necessary.

The brain will be able to be removed from the base because it will be a sliding drawer. Still haven’t worked out the thoughts as to how it will remain aligned, but an idea like this was explored with the Learning Pet version of RoboBrrd.

This clears up some of the fog I had last post about how the voltage regulator is going to be able to reach the battery. The battery is one of those details in robotics that can be often overlooked, this sometimes happens with FIRST teams that forget to plan for the battery, then end up placing it randomly … only to have it flying around in the middle of a match. Yikes! Hopefully this planning will assist the CAD’ing of the brain board!