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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Adafruit + RobotGrrl Team Up

Adafruit Industries and RobotGrrl are teaming together to unleash a super build-a-long robot video series!

The idea is to have a video each week about robotics. The best way to learn about robotics is to dive in head first, so we will be making a sociable bird robot out of popsicle sticks, coffee sticks, hot glue, and electronics from Adafruit.

The videos will serve as a great way to become introduced to the various aspects that are involved with the construction of robots. The exciting part about this is that the robot is not a “traditional” metal and wheels robot. Not all robots have to be made out of metal, and they don’t always have to have wheels. They have to be able to sense and react to their environment.

We’ll be delving into this more in the videos, but here are some teaser photos of prototypes of the bird robot… 😉




All of the files and software that will be used in the making of the robot will be open source too.

There is one teeny tiny problem though… this robot doesn’t have a name! WHAT SHOULD WE CALL IT!?!? Leave a comment here (or anywhere I will notice it) with a cool name suggestion. If yours is the coolest, it will be chosen!

Thanks very much to Adafruit Industries for funding parts for the robot and the the opportunity!

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  • jrspruitt

    6 years ago

    best I could think of, Polly Wanna Hacker or perhaps some contraction of that.

  • I Heart Robotics

    6 years ago


  • zool

    6 years ago


  • Gui Ambros

    6 years ago


  • Goja

    6 years ago

    … because it sounds like “her bird” 😉

  • TheBorg

    6 years ago

    Well given that it’s the child of robotgrrl – how about “Chicklet”? :)

  • Thank you very much for your efforts. It is very informative. orignal source-Here

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