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Archive for November 20th, 2008

Hockey MANOI + Wii Nunchuck

Today (Thursday) I got my MANOI working with my Wii nunchuck! :)

It was super easy since I already had the configuration ready because of my other robot.

Here are some pictures:

SSC-32 Barely Visible
The SSC-32 is barely visible anymore!

The big transformer powers the battery to give it 12-13V (constantly). The small transformer is for the Arduino, cause I couldn’t find a 9V battery :(



MANOI's back
MANOI’s back- the battery and Arduino are attached to tape using velcro :)

The way it works is the Wii nunchuck has an i2dc interface with the Wave Shield, which is on the Arduino. Using the Nunchuck library, you know what button is being pressed and values of the accelerometer.

I already made functions to determine if the nunchuck is tilted home, left/right or up/down. Soooo, I just added the “skating” functions to that, and the condition that the C button has to be pressed. There’s more control this way.

To shoot, it’s just the Z button. :)

The most surprising part of all of this was when I realized that MANOI “skates” better when I added all the stuff to his back. I guess it adjusted the center of gravity just right!

There’s a video here:

I still have some more stuff to do… like add a few more motions and sound.