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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Robots on the Moon

Recently I’ve been thinking about swarm robotics and the potential they could have on some of our other planets. Do we really know everything there is to know about the Moon? We have lots of data… but are there underlying details that are still hidden?

Instead of spending trillions of dollars on a gigantor research project, a few billion dollars could send some robots to the moon. The robots could have the ability to drill, evaluate the dirt, and ‘laser beam’ rocks like the MER. It will also have cameras on it :) I’m kind of envisioning about… 2.5 times the size of Sojourner.

About 12 of these robots could be placed on the Moon. When one of the robots find results that are ‘interesting’, a few robots that are close to it will become closer, evaluating where else the interesting results lie. Each of the 12 robots could have different ‘accessories’ on it too, so that they’re all not evaluating the same thing.

Course, it could also be applied to other planets- like Mars, or maybe they could be sent out to Triton. That would be kinda cool!

It would be simple, and autonomous. The results obtained could potentially trigger new information, which could lead to a more precise robot, which could lead to new discoveries. :)

Sounds like I have even more research to do! 😀

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  • Thom Blake

    8 years ago

    We’re whalers on the moon
    We carry a harpoon
    But there ain’t no whales
    So we tell tall tales
    And sing a whaling tune

  • Ron

    8 years ago

    It sounds like you’re talking about the Google Lunar X Prize. The big issue (of many) is getting the robot in space. The launch costs are super-expensive; even the “cut rate” stuff is in the millions.

    Take a look at some of my thoughts here:

    and here:

  • Erin, the RobotGrrl

    8 years ago

    Lol Thom :)

    Ron- I’m not talking about the Google Lunar X Prize ^_^ Just a project in general for NASA …or anyone that has the money. :)
    For the Google Lunar X Prize you need tons of money, thereby eliminating ~70% of the people that are able to do it :( (myself included)

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