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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Exploring Stanford

Stanford has an extremely beautiful campus! It’s full with wildlife- like tiny frogs, geckos and palm trees! It’s also a really giant campus – as I found out after playing The Game. (I’ll blog about The Game later). Apart from enjoying the puns on Bread-First Search (BFS) and Death-First Search (DFS) algorithms, I really enjoyed exploring the campus. Usually I took all of these pictures while going Fountain Hopping, but sometimes I just took them while walking to the class!
Fountain Hopping was an amazing activity. Basically, you find a fountain – and you jump in it! It’s so amazingly fun! One time where we went to the fountain outside of the hospital, we were kicked out. It was pretty awkward!
One of my favourite features of Stanford is the beautiful architecture. You really have to see it in real, but I hope my pictures will better illustrate it! The detail and texture is amazing.
The total GB count of all the photos I took is 9.46! But, I only chose the best and uploaded them, so with all the small versions and thumbnails, it totaled to 2.3GB. :)
There will be way more posts with way more photos! Here are 309 – Hope you enjoy them!! Clicking the image will open it in the lightbox (like normal), but if you click the camera, it will open the high res photos. Please don’t use any of the high res photos without my permission first =) Thanks!!
Click continue reading for all the pictures 😀

I’ll post more later, but I really want to get these board soldered and robots working 😉

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  • sybarite13

    8 years ago

    Welcome back. The photos are beautiful and yet magical.
    I’m glad you had a great time discovering and learning new things.
    Looking forward to reading more. :-)

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