If any of the info on this website was useful for your projects or made your head spin with creative ideas, and you would like to share a token of your appreciation- a donation would be massively appreciated!

Your donation will go to my Robotics Fund, straight towards more sensors, actuators, books, and journeys. It takes a lot to continue building these robots, and I’m really thankful of everyone who helps encourage me along the way.



“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Be back soon

:) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :)


:) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :)

See ya later to all of the people that read this! A big thanks to everyone that helped donate over $1000! It helped a lot. The rest of the costs were covered by a reserved education savings account thing. This is going to be amazing! And I’m going to the JPL! 😀 Feel free to email me when I’m gone! I’m not sure if I will reply, but if I do it will be from RobotGrrl :)~at~:)

I hope to come back with many project ideas and a better outlook on AI (artificial intelligence) for NLP (natural language processing), CV (computer vision), and HCI (human-computer interaction)! I’d want to explore it with Arduino, too.

In 3.5 weeks, get ready for lots of blog posts! :) Funnily enough, this blog post is #666. xD

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  • robodude666

    9 years ago

    Cute sun! Enjoy your trip and make sure to listen really well :). Best of luck on the Eulers for the plane ride.

  • NLP Advisor

    8 years ago

    I found your blog on Google. I’ve bookmarked it and will watch out for your next NLP blog post.

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