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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

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Be back soon

:) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :)


:) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :) ^_^ =D :)

See ya later to all of the people that read this! A big thanks to everyone that helped donate over $1000! It helped a lot. The rest of the costs were covered by a reserved education savings account thing. This is going to be amazing! And I’m going to the JPL! 😀 Feel free to email me when I’m gone! I’m not sure if I will reply, but if I do it will be from RobotGrrl :)~at~:)

I hope to come back with many project ideas and a better outlook on AI (artificial intelligence) for NLP (natural language processing), CV (computer vision), and HCI (human-computer interaction)! I’d want to explore it with Arduino, too.

In 3.5 weeks, get ready for lots of blog posts! :) Funnily enough, this blog post is #666. xD

Changing/Putting in the Battery

Incase the Styrobot’s battery fell out when it was shipped, or if you already used it up, I came up with two pics here that illustrate where to put the battery. Basically there are three rows of pins, top, middle and bottom. The battery goes between the top pins and the middle pins. BUT the top pins have to be covered with tape or not touching the battery. The wire from the motor has to be touching the battery, too. Don’t worry about the polarity as it’s only a tiny DC motor… and it won’t matter much in a Styrobot. =D

Battery Illustration Battery Illustration

Hope this helps everyone!



Wall-E is probably the CUTEST robot ever. (Except for my Styrobots, of course!) The way he says his name ‘WwwwaaallLL Eee’ is irresistible. 😀

I see Wall-E everywhere. And, much to my joy one day… I looked out the back window, and I saw Wall-E! This means that at least once per day, I get to see Wall-E! WOOT!

Wall-E Wall-E
*note: pics taken a long time ago

I really can’t wait until this movie comes out!! Imagine how cool Epcot will be, too. Meet the Robinsons + Wall-E!! It’s quite crazy how Pixar is just doing better and better with each animation they make. I really never thought that anything would be better than Finding Nemo, ever.

One of the things I can’t wait for is the robot! Er well, I can’t wait for me to gently tear apart the robot and hack it OR make it run on an Arduino! How cool would that be?! Having a Wall-E working off of an Arduino, connected to Processing. 😀 I could have all sorts of ultrasonic sensors… personalize it… make a conversational program (based off of Robbie the Robot) for it… WOOT!

Check out these two videos – they’re REALLY cool!

Wall-E Spotted in LA! from Blink on Vimeo.