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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Archive for May 24th, 2008

A Kaplooza of STUFF!

This blog post can pretty much fit into every category ;D

There are a few things that I want to talk about in this entry… so here goes!

  1. Styrobots – I’ve had 2 Styrobots up on Etsy since May 17th! They’re only $20, and the money goes towards my Robotics Fund, which will go towards my Stanford EPGY AI Program tuition, or to books and parts. They are irresistibly cute, so if you can, please buy one! I’ll be adding more this weekend, assuming homework doesn’t attack me (there is a good chance that it will and may)
  2. Rube Goldberg Project – I have been working with my friend to build this immense Rube Goldberg project! The purpose was to light a candle. Here are some pictures of it…

    ;] Marbles :) p=mv Golfball Made out of a half of a shop-vac Paddle wheels :) AKA: Gears The second component (swirling vortex of d00m) The first component The first component The first component Cooool Antiquish KAPOW! Heh, this flower was on a tree that was in front of our garage while making the project ^_^ All the clamps! Coooooooool Top view Top view The Track Fwoosh Fiiirreee! A picture of a lit candle, for once! Lots of tension Project at school The match idea … I made my Dad hold the base to make sure it would work! Haha Project at school Project at school The start

    There was a problem though, whenever I tried capturing it on my camera, the candle would not light. However, when the camera was off, it would light! When we brought it to school, it didn’t light. It felt like an immense waste of time, considering we had so much and we couldn’t even fulfill the objective. I liked building it, but I didn’t like setting it up. Hopefully this knowledge will be useful, someday!

  3. 507 Mechanical Movements – This book looks very interesting, I should buy it after I buy Cynthia Breazeal’s book ‘Designing Sociable Robots’ :)
  4. Remember that Paper Cylon contest that I made a robot for? Turns out it’s only for US Residents. Lame! Haha, at least I tried though. :)
  5. Homework. There’s a lot of it! It’s reducing my rate of productivity. (Go figure)