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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Styrobots! ^_^

In order to help raise money for me to go to Stanford, I’m starting a new thing called Styrobots. They’re cute robots, just like a Bristlebot, but it is a painted styrofoam cup, with googley eyes, some pipecleaner, and a smile!

I’m thinking about selling these to raise money to help me go to Stanford. They would sell for around $15 :) More info will be up later!

Here are some pics!

Styrobots! Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot Styrobot

All of the latest info will be on the Styrobot page, which can be found here!

Enjoyyy! ^_^

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  • Phil Winder

    9 years ago

    Hi erin,
    Ive been reading for a while now andI love what you are trying to do, and the fact you are doing it should show prospective investors that you are serious. On the other hand, its nice to see some cute ideas to scam rich people out of their money. You should work for Sony!

    But seriously, I’m a student in the UK and this kind of problem pops up all the time for when I want to go to conferences/summer schools/etc. And it also seems like you already have a number of accolades, so the first thing I would do is check to see whether the department hosting the even will consider funding part or all of your costs considering “what a great student you will be in the future” 😉 (they have more money that they could ever spend anyway!)
    Also, if that doesnt work, here in the UK there are a number of government and privately funded bodies that love sponsor people of your exact demographic. Which is motivated, interested, a good amount of experience and most importantly, a woman.

    I’m definatly not being sexist, but in the UK there are people advertising free money for any prospective female electronic engineer (In fact, any sort of engineer) in an attempt to get more women into the profession. Obviously they dont give it to morons, but if you were here then you would definatly be in with a chance.

    So to my point, ask around (especially at the university) to see if anyone knows where to get money from, and a few minutes on google would probably turn up some results. Magazines, recruitment agencies also offer potential, but be warned, they wont give you money no strings attached. Most expect a report, others expect a bit more, so make sure you check.

    Anyway, hope that might give you some inspiration, good luck!


  • Geof from Learnhub

    9 years ago

    Hi Erin,

    I just wanted to say I heard this on NPR this morning:

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