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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”

Archive for April, 2008

Stanford EPGY :D

^_^ 😀 ^_^ HOLY MACARONI! ^_^ 😀 ^_^

😀 😀 😀 I was accepted in to Stanford EPGY AI program!! I’ll have something to do for a part of this summer! This is amazing! I’m flabberghasted :o. (<-- that word is so cool, that it can only be used on special occasions) I received the email at 12:07 AM. (midnight) 😀 The only problem is... money. :(

I have to come up with $500 before May 7th. :( I don’t know how I will do it yet. I’ll daydream about it tomorrow :) ^_^


I’m SO excited! And happy! 😀

Friday Night MANOI!

W00T W00T!

This week’s Friday Night MANOI was dedicated to the Cylon contest on MAKE. Since I only found out about it on Tuesdayish, and the deadline is pretty soonish, I had to come up with something QUICK. I have a humanoid, MANOI, and I do have artistic skills… so I came up with Paper Cylon!

Why Paper Cylon, though? Remember Paper Mario? That game was so uber cool, and fun. What if there were Paper Cylons? That would be pretty funny. Although what I made will be improved on later dates, I think it may hit the nail on the head for random creativity. :)

I took lots of photos, I like Paper Cylon!

The head is on! Lookin gooooooood! Saweeeet! Yow ^_^ The full body! From behind Wooooo! This camera blur makes Cylon look so awesome Cylon making sand angels! Fwoosh! Cylon is fast! Paper Cylon is incredibly fast, heha Paper Cylon Paper Cylon is imitating a Star fish zzZzz Paper Cylon Paper Cylon prepared for battle! Paper Cylon, looking stunning! Paper Cylon, again Paper Cylon looking to his side Paper Cylon… Paper Cylon, waving its arms! Paper Cylon, a gymnastics present! Paper Cylon moving arms Paper Cylon, lookin good Paper Cylon! Woot Paper Cylon, walkin’ Closeup of Paper Cylon Teehee, Paper Cylon Paper Cylon swaying “What’s THAT?” - Paper Cylon Hello World! Paper Cylon Graaah! Paper Cylon “I have muscles!” - Paper Cylon A portrait of Paper Cylon

Where Am I?

Why were there no blog posts for a week? EEEEEK!

I was studying….working…programming! ^^

I’ll skip the terribly boring stuff and get to the point(s)
– Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – track practice
– Spent Friday in Ottawa ^^
– Half of Saturday I soldered stuff
– Sunday I programmed in a GUI & went biking in mud with a friend
– Monday I am watching the Habs 😀 Homework I’ll do after 😀

There was an extremely good day at school last week… we get to make a Rube Goldberg machine for Physics!! This is SO cool it’s unbelievable to have this opportunity. I’m still in awe, and verrry excited to start working with the wood with our team! Sure… our team may go overboard for a simple simple machine combination contraption … but when will the chance of building a Rube Goldberg machine come around again? ;P

What I am working on now is getting my LCD to display a custom screen that I drew out on paper. What the problem appears to be is that it can’t handle many characters… I have 3 custom characters… I FINALLY got the 3rd line to work, so now I have to figure out the 4th line. It’s really annoying. I’ll figure out, somehow, how to cut down the amount of info/characters that has to be displayed.

Additionally, I’m working on making a SQLite database interface for conversation links and language models. Once I get it working, I’ll be linking it up with Robbie. :) You can then imagine all the possibilities with regards to the different language models that will be downloadable! I’m thinking a gigantor mental math mini-game one… 😉

My fingers on my right hand are insane… thumb- raw’ish from soldering. index- has something wrong with it as I can’t lift it middle- a chunk of skin is missing because I unplugged my magsafe the wrong way… ring- my grad ring is ALWAYS falling off pinky- sprained a bit, from … I have no clue o_o

That’s all for now. I like how next year’s FIRST robotics is going to be completely different, with the new WPI programmer software and all! 802.11n will be great for ANNs too. I hope I am lucky enough to take part in FIRST next year! 😀