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“A wise robot once said to me through Serial.println- that robots teach us about ourselves.”


Yay! I made a Bristlebot today, and updated the smilies for this blog. 😀 Much cuter, no? ^_^

Picks up A LOT of Stuff! Kachow! The Many Places a BristleBot can Travel… Baaaaad Soldering

It was pretty fun. My soldering has gone waaaaaay downhill though. Hopefully I’ll get more practice in soon. Arduino and ArtBot contest entries are due in the end of April, so I better get moving. My plan is to make a new Robbie, incidentally called Pinky. I’ll somehow find a small microphone and speaker, and embed it in a physical pink snowman.

The coolest part about the ArtBot contest is that, if I am accepted, I’ll be able to go to Ireland on my birthday. I’m Irish, so that’s quite a huge ordeal! <:D -> Oh, I received my comments today. And a crumpled certificate. Nice. Well, the comments were all positive, even the two in French.

I checked to see what the science fairs in Mass are like – they have a panel of professional judges. So I need not worry for the future! :)

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  • jbc

    9 years ago

    hey Erin – I wrote abour your bot for MAKE – link is here..
    cool proj

  • Mad William Flint

    9 years ago

    Cute! How long does the battery last?

  • Erin, the RobotGrrl

    9 years ago

    Thanks times infinity jbc! I extremely appreciate it.

    Hmm, I think the battery lasts as long as a 3V battery should last. :) If you want me to try, I definitely can (with a full 3V battery).

  • Mad William Flint

    9 years ago

    Long as a horse’s legs eh? Fair enough. I’ll head off to radio shack build a couple and set them loose in my kitchen, see if they don’t spontaneously run and hide.

  • Erin, the RobotGrrl

    9 years ago

    Hehe! I guess if you don’t want them to hide, you could get a photoresistor so when it is dark, the DC motor moves slower / turns off. :)

    Have fun! Let me know how it works out

    (Don’t forget the tooth brushes! 😉 )

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