Interview in Circuit Cellar Magazine

If you are subscribed to Circuit Cellar, check out page 6 in the December edition for an interview with us about the history of RoboBrrd and some of our other robots! You can also see the interview on their website.



The article even features BubbleBoy. Making this maybe the weirdest robot Circuit Cellar will ever write about? A pink snowman that hula hoops. Haha!


It’s very humbling to be in company of many intelligent people. Thank you Circuit Cellar for the interview!

Clyde the Pirate

YARRR! Clyde be here to help protect ye secret treasure from the evil robot uprising, those scallywags! No one will dare come close to the treasure as pirate Clyde is monitoring it. Watch the vid!

In perfect pirate-robotic fashion, Clyde uses a laser pointer shining on the treasure to intimidate all the evil villains.

Ye can find all the info in the article on Fabule’s blog! YAARRRR!


We hope ye heartily enjoyed this hack o’Clyde an’ th’ pirate costume. Yarrr. If ye ask me, the laser is what makes it. Well robo-mateys, if ye’ make this hack too with yer Clyde, per’aps you too can join in the exclusive Clyde pirate crew. :D

Clyde : Flower Monitor

^ Watch on YouTube

Clyde simply loves flowers and wants to help humans monitor their plants to ensure they are watered when they need to be!

For all of the details on how you can modify your Clyde to do something like this too, check out the article on Fabule.


The article on Fabule’s blog includes a summary of the code and all the steps for wiring the soil moisture sensor.

Hope you enjoyed this hack! It was a fun to make Clyde into a character for this. Keep your blinking rgb eye peeled for the next hack. It’s going to get even more fun! :D