Clyde : Halloween

Clyde is ready for Halloween and helps answer the classic question of ‘trick or treat’! Watch the video on YouTube.

For more info on how to mod your Clyde to do this too, head over to the article on Fabule! You can grab the code from there and read about all the details.


Don’t forget about the #ClydeHalloween contest that is happening. For more info, check out this post.

Stay tuned for the next hack that is coming up! Hint: It has something to do with nature!

Clyde : Disco

Learn about how to make your Clyde bleep and bloop its way to ruling the disco dancefloor! PARTY! Watch the video on YouTube.

For more information on what electronics you need to make this mod and the code, head over to the article on Fabule’s site for all the details!


This is our first hack on Clyde, the robot lamp by Fabule. They are sponsoring these hacks, so many thanks to them *round of applause*! Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks. :)

RoboBrrd in OWL Magazine


Check out September 2014′s issue of OWL Kids magazine- RoboBrrd is inside! Way cool!

The above photo is how RoboBrrd reads words. It uses a multimeter, and stares at the text with glowing red eyes. That is, if it can stay still. This is Coolios RoboBrrd, so it only remained calm for about 10 seconds before going crazy flapping its wings and twisting everywhere.


A little while ago, out of nowhere, an editor at OWL contacted us if we wanted RoboBrrd in the magazine. We used to read OWL when we were really young! How crazy is that?!?! Thanks, Kim!

There is also a post about RoboBrrd on their OWL blog.

Check out this Maker Challenge:


Pretty amazing to be in the same magazine as Commander Hadfield. Too bad he wasn’t at Maker Faire Ottawa!


Hopefully this will inspire some people out there to build a robot. If you run in to any questions when building a robot and need help, post on the Robot Party Rockstars Google+ Group, and we can all lend a hand!

Shoutout to everyone who has helped with RoboBrrd in the past! If you want to get started building your own RoboBrrd, check out its nest on the web:!